Nam3 is : Barbie aka Rebecca LaQuisha Johnson

Just caLL meh : Quisha/RiRi/ LQ

Ag3 : 15 {B'day is 05/04/1995}

Com3z from : Germany but born in Austria

My Story : My Mom is African and my Dad is an American but Im borned in Austria with 3 years we moved to Germany. I have 2 sibblings[yes there anoyin] i luv them all. There is my big bro Mike 22 nd my lil sis Louisa 11 and Im gettin a lil bro Kendrin.

PPLZ!! this is meh...

Hat3 or Lov3 meh I dunn giva F*ck..

These Hat3rz can DIE but Imma stay Fly!!!

Sie sind Besucher Nr.

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